Subfloor Systems in Newmarket

The Home Pros are professional subfloor installers with many years of experience in installations of subfloors and subfloor systems of DRIcore panels in Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Holland Landing, Sharon, Bradford, Keswick, Schomberg, King City, in York Region, Ontario.

Most customers today are choosing to install a subfloor. They are aware of the benefits a subfloor installation brings.

Protect the investment you make in your basement and your home. If you are considering a basement renovation, the first thing to consider is your floor. The basement floor is the one area that is crucial in creating a comfortable and healthy living space.

Most basement floors are finished off with a carpet and an underlay pad. The multiple problems that can result from this are often not considered. No matter how good your underlay pad may be, it is not a moisture barrier, a subfloor acts as a moisture barrier.

The cold concrete below the carpet and the warm air above it can create dampness and lead to moisture damage. The tell-tale signs are musty odours and dark spots on areas of your carpet. This means mold may be present and this could be a health issue, subfloors can eliminate this problem.

Replacement of carpets and the underlay pad presents both an inconvenience and an unwanted expense.

How to avoid this problem?

The most effective and economical barrier between your family and a cold, damp and uncomfortable basement is by having a subfloor installed.

Subfloors Suitable for Ceramic Tile Installation

(Screw down method, non floating floor system)

Benefits of this application:

Floor areas that typically require this method are bathrooms and kitchens if they are part of a basement renovation where ceramic tiles are to be installed.

If ceramic tiles are to be installed then we use the screw down method:

  • A layer of dimpled patented moisture barrier is laid on the concrete, followed by a layer of OSB board.
  • By attaching the subfloor to the floor it becomes a non floating floor system eliminating floor movement, therefore preventing the grout and tiles from cracking.
  • The dimpled design provides an insulating thermal air-gap barrier between concrete and the subfloor, creating a warmer surface and diffusing moisture in all directions allowing your concrete to breathe and can help prevent mold and mildew.
  • Handles minor leakage from foundation walls.
  • This method is ideal for ceraminc tile, carpet, laminate flooring and engineered hardwood.
  • The membrane is tough and very durable. Its high density can provide support for loads up to 600psf (pounds per square foot).
  • Offers minimal reduction in head room: Adds only ¾ " (about 2cm) to the floor.

Laying ceramic tiles directly on a basement concrete floor is not recommended. The tiles and grout lines are prone to cracking due to minor cracks that may be present in the concrete which will transfer into the tiles. Also the surface of the tiles can get very cold especially in cold conditions.

Subfloors suitable for Carpet and Laminate Floor Installation

(Floating floor system)

Benefits of DRICore ®:

  • If no ceramic floor tiles are to be installed then using DRIcore® panels is the way to go.
  • A DRIcore® subfloor provides year round comfort and protection against moisture damage and harmful mold.
  • The DRIcore® secret is their patented moisture barrier that creates a permanent air space between the subfloor and concrete surface. The result is a warm and worry-free finished basement with DRIcore® at the foundation.
  • DRIcore® is ideal for carpet, laminate flooring, engineered hardwood and vinyl.
  • 98% of basements will have a moisture problem.
  • Renovating your basement means comfort, protection and peace of mind. DRIcore® is the essential step to get the job done right and protect your basement from moisture damage.
  • DRIcore® is a subfloor with a patented moisture barrier that keeps your family warm and dry. This simple solution insulates your basement, protecting furniture, flooring and electronics from potential damage.
  • DRIcore® also promotes indoor air quality by allowing your concrete to breathe, reducing the potential for mold and mildew.

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